Friday, November 17, 2006

Geocaching? What is geocaching?

Relatively new, geocaching is becoming the hot new outdoor adventure. Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunt in which people use "Global Positioning System" receivers to locate and hide waterproof containers with "treasure" inside, called "geocaches," or "caches."

Geocachers hide a cache, post the coordinates online, and anybody is free to embark on a geocaching adventure! A cache can contain hats, pins, pencils, a log, toys, trinkets, and any other inexpensive knicknacks. Once found, the seeker will trade some knicknacks and sign the log! It is a great activity for families!

Geocaching began in 2000 when the removal of "selective availability" of the GPS actually made it possible to find locations with a GPS receiver. Today, well over 350,000 caches have been hidden around the world!

Here at Black Bear Lodge, we find geocaching so exciting and fascinating, we will be introducing geocaching packages and opportunities in the spring! Stay tuned!

Geocaching for Beginners

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