Sunday, February 25, 2007

Vintage Snowmobile Racing

Here it is... a glimpse at the vintage racing yesterday in St. Germain! Amateur video, but it's not too long.

By the way -- we received snow overnight :) It's windy and drifting so hard to measure (because depth is inconsistent) but our best guess at this point is 4-6 inches on the ground so far. Storm warning is still in effect until tonight.

After the vintage racing yesterday John and I took our boys out to hide two geocaches. The Great Northwoods Treasure Hunt begins March 1. We have GPS Kits at the Black Bear office so novices (like ourselves) can participate in this treasure hunt. I was surprised to find how easy it was to get the GPS working and how accurate it was once we plotted our cache then came home to see on a google map where our coordinates had identified it. I suppose the snow overnight will make finding our stashes much more difficult! --Diane Misina

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