Sunday, August 05, 2007

Weekly Fishing Report

Greetings, here is the fishing report....

Bass, northern and walleye continue their strong bite, with consistent musky action in the Eagle River, Wisconsin area.

The Eagle River area is still enjoying some excellent fishing, and anglers are having very good success across the board. The only caveat is because of the popularity of Eagle River waters, recreational boat traffic can be very heavy at times. Anglers should be cautious as to movement, awareness of other boats, and anchoring areas. Safety should be everyone's primary concern. Be cautious and courteous to others.

Bass fishing is strong in the Eagle River area. Smallies are holding along areas with well defined edges where rock and mud or sand and rock meet.

Fish 12 to 16 feet down over hard bottom surfaces. Use a whole crawler or big leech on a slip bobber or jig. As evening approaches look for areas of cover and use a large plastic worm like Yum or Gulp. Largemouth are in their usual summer haunts which are shallower areas of drowned wood, stumps or broadleaf weeds. Wacky-rigged plastics, weedless plastic worms or Timberdoodles will all work well, with topwaters also producing.

Northerns are hitting in the weeds all over the Eagle River area. The fish
are hitting at all depths, in and off the weeds. Spinnerbaits and buzzbaits are working very well, with weedless worms getting consistent hits. Anglers should remember that usually the bigger northern are deeper, but the action will not be quite as strong as when fishing shallower.

Walleye are providing excellent action during the day and at low-light hours in the Eagle River area. Work the weed edges with a jig or slip bobber, tipped with either a leech or crawler. The walleyes are just off the bottom. Depths will vary from 6 to 15 feet depending on the water being fished. If the water has some current to it, switch to a redtail or walleye sucker, with a bottom bouncer or slip bobber. Anglers are also getting walleye during the day jigging a Sonar over rocky areas in water over 15 feet deep. One plus for fishing low-light hours is that the walleyes caught during these times tend to be larger than those brought in during sunny, daylight hours.

In the Eagle River area, muskies are still weed related, and hitting in 6 to 15 feet of water. Heavy cabbage beds, or big broadleaf weed areas hold the most fish. Low light hours are producing best,with Topraiders and Turrbos the baits of choice. Many different lures are producing during the day (if real sunny, try more stained water lakes). Bucktails are best, with
Mepps Musky Killers, Sassy Shads, Marabous, #1 Ghostails, Cowgirls, and Supergirls all taking fish. Anglers should continue this season's established pattern of making sure to do a figure eight after each cast at the boat. Many strikes are happening near or right at the boat.

Panfish action in the Eagle River area is good most everywhere, whether it's from shore or a boat. Weeds, tangles of branches or similar structure will almost certainly provide action. Kids will love it! There'll be a lot of sorting, but some nice fish are being caught. A simple rig of a small hook, splitshot and bobber is all that's needed. Perch will hit leeches or small minnows in and around the weeds. Bluegills are somewhat deeper, with a chunk of crawler, leafworm or beavertail producing. Crappies are biting small minnows or small plastics in depths around 12 feet.

Hunters should start preparing to get up to Eagle River for the unmatched fall hunting opportunities, including black bear, deer, waterfowl, geese and grouse. Get your equipment tuned up, apply for your permits, and make your reservations to come up to Eagle River. And don't forget that fall up in Eagle River means trophy musky and great walleye fishing. Now's the time to make your plans and join us in Eagle River for the wonderful fall season.

(Report for the Eagle River Chamber of Commerce based on Creative Brilliance interview with Mike Michalak of Guides Choice Pro Shop).

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