Sunday, May 18, 2008

Walleye Action Best It Has Been In Years!

This recent report was put out from the Eagle River Area:

***Eagle River, Wis. (VILAS COUNTY) -- as of May18, 2008:

Walleye action best in years, with excellent bite for northern and crappie, and smallmouth bass are hit and miss in the Eagle River, Wisconsin area.

All around grade for spring fishing in the Eagle River area is an "A+."
The walleye bite is consistently the best it's been in the Eagle River area in years. The Eagle River of 28 lakes (largest freshwater chain of lakes in the world) is providing wonderful action - -and all the lakes on the Chain are producing. Water temps are 52 to 54 degrees. The walleyes are eating voraciously. Fish 2 to 6 feet in and around weeds. Use 6 pound test line, with a one-sixteenth ounce jig, tipped with a fathead minnow. Anglers are also catching 'bonus" crappies, northerns and some muskies (strictly catch and release on the musky) while going for the walleyes.
On some of the deeper, clearer lakes like North and South Twin, the walleyes are being found in a number of places. Try up shallow on the rocks, or 26 to 20 feet of water over hardbottom structure. Another group are just now starting to move into the green weeds. Two walleyes going 28 and 29 inches, and 10 to 11.5 pounds, respectively, were just caught on North Twin in 20 feet of water.
Regardless of where you fish for walleyes, make sure your presentation is slow and deliberate.
Northern are in the weeds and biting like crazy in the Eagle River area.
Any lake with a northern population is producing. Use a small twitching Rapala, a very slow moving, small spinner bait, or a jig and minnow. Fish 2 to 8 feet deep.
Smallmouth bass are hit and miss in the Eagle River area. Bass right now are strictly catch and release. On many lakes the bass are shallower than the walleyes, and on the deeper lakes the smallies can be found in water
from 4 to 17 feet. Use the same jig and minnow rig as for the walleye.
Crappie in the Eagle River area just starting to stage for their spawn. The Eagle River Chain of lakes and Lac Vieux Desert are all producing very well.
Fish 4 to 8 feet of water over shallow weeds, milfoil, or coontail. Use a slip bobber with a one-sixteenth or one-thirty-second ounce jig, tipped with a small crappie minnow.
Perch in the Eagle River area are being found intermittently with the walleye. A jig and minnow walleye rig is working for the perch.

(Report for the Eagle River Chamber of Commerce based on Creative Brilliance interview with Eagle River licensed guide "Ranger Rick" Krueger, owner of Guides Choice Pro Shop).
Contact info for Eagle River:
* Eagle River Chamber of Commerce; 800-359-6315; 715-479-6400; e-mail:; web:
* Guide's Choice Pro Shop, 715-477-2248
* George Langley, Eagle River Fishing Guides Association, 715-479-8804.
Reports compiled, written & distributed by Creative Brilliance. ©2008.
Naomi K. Shapiro or Ray Smith, Creative Brilliance 608-827-6483; 800-975-5474 (media). e-mail:;

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