Friday, June 11, 2010

Angel on My Shoulder at the Bear's Den

Packers vs. Bears Story:
We had an interesting development at the Packers Party for Angel on My Shoulder at the Bear"s Den last night.
Owner Joe Minaudo, an avid Chicago Bears Fan, wore his Bears jersey to tease Packers Gilbert Brown, William Henderson, and Dorsey Levens; the banter was hilar...ious!
Bar manager Sandi Stern approached Gilbert (unbeknownst to Joe) and asked "If I raise $500.00 for Angel, will you throw Joe in the lake?" He responded "You bet!" She proceeded to raise the money in less than 1/2 hour - apparently there were a lot of people who wanted to see Joe get wet!
All 3 of the Packers dragged Joe down to the lake, gave him a lecture on home team loyalty, and promptly hoisted him into the lake. We always knew he was wet behind the ears!

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