Thursday, December 02, 2010

Wildlife at Black Bear Lodge

Fritz the Fox is back! He took up residency last winter outside the main office; we tried all winter to photograph him as he would trot past our front door or walk through the resort. Our Manager even came face to face with him on the lake front one day but did not have camera in hand! We found his tracks in the snow by the Treehouse yesterday, a sure sign that we will see him soon. Hopefully we can get a photo of him to share this winter! We saw squirrels carrying whole hot dog buns down the driveway today, which was very funny, a guest must be feeding them. Our Snowshow Hares have turned completely white, as have the weasels. Did you know that when the short-haired weasel turns white it is called an ermine? We watched one run across the trailer parking lot a few days ago; first time we can recall seeing one on the resort. When you stay at the Black Bear Lodge located on Little St. Germain Lake, you never know what kinds of wonderful wildlife you will encounter.

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