Wednesday, February 02, 2011

St Germain Snowmobile Bikini Run 2011!

The St Germain Radar Racers held a snowmobile radar run Jan 21-22 in West Bay of Little St Germain Lake. In addition to many radar runs against the clock, participants came out strong to raise funds for charity (Susan G Komen for the Cure, St Germain Fire and Rescue, and Plum Lake EMS) in their bikinis! Here's a peek at all the stunning race action!

The Bear's Den at Black Bear Lodge is home to two racers who topped the bikini radar run speeds: Heather Schneider and Bear's Den bar and grill owner, Joe Minaudo!

Thanks to Angry Dave's and all who co-sponsored and volunteered to make this weekend event a huge success!


  1. Where is the photo of the winner? Who won?

  2. The top 2 speeds were recorded by our own Joe Minaudo and Heather Schneider from the Bear's Den. For a complete list you can go to the "2011 St. Germain Snowmobile Radar Run" Facebook Page; it's the only place we could find a listing of the results for the bikini run.!/photo.php?fbid=1793456117245&set=o.342952305342&theater


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