Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Trails Are Great!

The St. Germain area has between 15" & 20" of snow on the ground making the trails excellent. It has been a snowy February, especially within the last week. It seems we have been getting a few inches of snow every other day which is perfect to freshen up the area snowmobile trails. The groomers have been out on their regular schedule for the past few weeks and we have plenty of great snow to work with.

This weekend the temperatures will be in the 20s which will be perfect for the Vintage Snowmobile Races in St. Germain. That is a fun event for everyone to enjoy.

Not only has the snowmobiling been great the ice fishing has been as well. We had a group of guests who stayed last week and came to the office to show their trophy size Walleye & Northern. That was exciting to see!

This weekend the "No-Name Fishing Tournament" will be held on Little St. Germain Lake and we wish all those participating much luck!!

We still have a few weeks left of the Winter Season. I have to say, Winter is one of the most beautiful times of year here in the Northwoods. The tall pine trees coated with a thick layer of snow is a beautiful sight which everyone should see!

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