Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Welcome February!

Well, the warmer weather has come and just as quickly gone again. Tuesday brought blizzard conditions and below zero temperatures back again. We can’t complain though, as the snowmobile trails only suffered one day of not so good riding conditions. And are back to good again, thanks to the three to four inches of snow we received yesterday.

Today has been bitterly cold, as temperatures linger around the zero mark, and wind chills making it feel a lot colder. Tomorrow will continue to be cold with a high of only 11 degrees. However, this weekend will be great for snowmobiling as the trails are in good condition and the weather will be partly cloudy and the temps will be in the mid to high 20’s.

One good thing about all of this cold weather is it is helping the lakes stay nice and frozen for you ice anglers! But as always proceed with caution when going out onto any lake, and dress in layers!

The trails are good and being groomed nightly everywhere and some say the trails in the wooded areas are the best they have been in years! With the high winds the last couple of days, be on the look out for any snow drifts. Also, there are still some icy spots on corners, so keep thinking snow.

All and all it has been a pretty good winter so far, if not for any other reason then the beautiful sight of the snow cover on the trees and lakes. What a fantastic way to welcome February this weekend!

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